A Year In Review: 2020

Hello everyone! I cannot believe it is almost a new year! This year was definitely full of hardship. So many people were impacted by the COVID pandemic, the racial injustice in our world, and other hard things in 2020. It’s definetly been a difficult year, and I can tend to focus on the negatives. But even in this heavy year, God has given me so many blessings. I want to highlight a good moment from each month as we go into 2021!

On New Year’s Day, we had our Christmas celebration with my grandparents, uncle, aunt, and cousins. It was a great day!

In February, my mom and I took my cousin to go paint pottery. It was a fun day!

In March, my sister came home for Spring Break, and right before quarantine started, we got some delicious cookies!

In April during the official quarantine period, we took many walks, played board games, and came up with ideas to fill our time. Here is a picture of my sister, mom, and I on one of our walks!

April was also the month of Easter. It was so different watching church online, but it was so comforting to know that Jesus is still on the throne and He is always in control. He is risen!

One of the things I got into over quarantine was puzzles. This puzzle looks good enough to eat, haha!

In May, we celebrated my brother’s birthday quarantine style!

In June, I celebrated my birthday from home! My sister made me a homemade ice cream cake! It was a great day!

In July, my family and I got to travel to visit my grandparents for the first time since before quarantine. It was so much fun seeing them and their cute goats!

In July, I got to see one of my friends from college a couple times. We got to ride horses together one day. It was so great being back in the saddle!

In August, I got to return back to work. It was great getting to see my friends again! Also, not pictured, but we got to move my sister back into college. It was sad seeing her go but glad she had a great semester!

In September, we traveled to my uncle, aunt and cousin’s house to celebrate my sister’s birthday. It was a great day!

In October, apple cinnamon muffins sounded so good to me so I decided to make some. I’m not a baker, haha, so thankfully they turned out pretty good!

Our Thanksgiving was different than usual, but we still had a good day and a delicious meal just my siblings, parents, and I!

This month we celebrated Christmas! It’s so amazing to think of our Savior coming to earth as a baby. He is Immanuel, God With Us! Also got to attend a friend’s wedding, it was such a beautiful day! And went to see a Drive In For King & Country concert, which was so awesome!

This year,

I’m grateful to have met three new friends this year, one pen pal and two online friends.

I’m thankful to have been able to work when so many were facing job loss.

I was so excited to finally finish writing my book after two and a half years!

I’m thankful for all the virtual game nights I had with my cousins!

2020 was a hard year, but also a year that God reminded me that He is enough. I’m so thankful for the Lord’s grace, mercy, and unfailing love that I will never deserve. I hope everyone is doing well and has a great start to their New Year! Never forget that the Lord is on the throne and He loves you so much!


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